The 32nd gif in your folder is your reaction when you find out you’re pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby. The 33rd is your dad’s reaction.



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You’re planning a picnic! The first Gif starting with the letters “so” and “th” are who you bring with you! The gif starting with the last letter of your first name ruins the picnic by stealing your potato salad.

First starting with “So”:

First starting with “Th”:

First beginning with last letter of my first name - S:

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You have robbed a bank and gotten away with $300,000. The 367th GIF in your folder is your accomplice in the robbery. The 194th GIF is the casualty in the ensuing shootout. The 238th GIF is waiting for you in the getaway car.

367 (accomplice):

194 (casualty):

238 (waiting for you):

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