The 10th GIF in your folder will be your love and companion for life

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The 44th GIF is how the rest of the fandom sees you.

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You go to McDonald’s and order the 10th GIF on the menu. The 7th GIF starting with M is your server.

What you order:


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The 5th GIFs starting with the letters “A”, “B”, and “D” are your beloved children. The 6th GIF starting with the letter “C” Is the blacksheep in your family.





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The 3rd and 13th GIFs of guys become heterosexual life partners.



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The 1st GIF in your folder starting with D is out to kill you, and the last GIF starting with R is helping them.



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The 136th GIF in your folder is who your friend sets you up with.

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You’re trick or treating. The 9th GIF in your folder is your costume, the 13th is your best friend. The 80th GIF is what you get in your treat bag.


Best Friend:

In treat bag:

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The 10th GIF is your Halloween costume, the 31st is the first person to make fun of it, the 49th is how drunk you get at the party and the 200th is the costume of the person you wake up next to.





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The 13th GIF in your folder is your reaction when someone says you’re not turtley enough for the turtle club.

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